Optimising the psychosocial care for individuals with birth defects in Europe by implementing an innovative training method for staff in health care and NGO settings.



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Psychosocial and Public Health
Theoretical Report

NGO Perspective Report

Pedagogical Report

A theoretical paper about individuals/families with congenital anomalies in relation to educational achievement and the potential impact from a psychological, social and public health perspective.

A report based upon interviews with health care professionals about the impact of poor educational achievements in relation to orofacial clefting as an example how the impact can vary within Europe due to different policies, cultural and social norms from a perspective of a European NGO

A pedagogical report in relation to theEuropean Qualification Framework in combination with ECVET and EQAVET recommendations.


National Reports

The reports address the medical complications and treatment in relation to educational achievement for individuals with congenital anomalies
in respective countries. The report includes information for health care workers or member of NGO’s currently deal or identify these
issues and how do these issues manifest themselves for migrants or other people changing cultural contexts.








Training Modules

Training material for Health Care Professionals about the educational and psychosocial aspects in relation to congenital anomalies.
Modules about resilience psychology and empowering dialogue for practical implementation.

Educational Aspects

Psychosocial Aspects

Resilience Module

Dialogue Module


Pedagogical Material 

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(Not a diagnostic tool)

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Quality Assurance of the Curriculum and Supporting Materials

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Quality Assurance Evaluation for the developed training material


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